Awsome Autistics is a Non Diagnosis playgroup for children of all ages with all levels of Autistic / ADHD / Sesnroy Processing Disorder / SID / Dyspraxia. Our building is secure. We allow an open plan idea. This means your child can move freely between our play area, bistro, sensory room, meditation room, craft room, games area and outside play.
Your wont be judged. We are here to help and listen.

Saturdays 11am - 1pm

Be Crafty is the brain child that started our journey. Be Crafty is a space for members to come along and use craft as therapy. We have dedicated members of staff who will sit with you and help you to create or decorate whatever it is you want to make. We have a range of machinery and equipment for you to use.

Becoming more aware of the present moment can help us enjoy the world around us more and understand ourselves better.When we become more aware of the present moment, we begin to experience afresh things that we have been taking for granted.
Mindfulness also allows us to become more aware of the stream of thoughts and feelings that we experience and to see how we can become entangled in that stream in ways that are not helpful.

Claires Bistro overlooks our fantastic play area meaning you can still see your children whilst being a level above them. We serve freshly made food daily and offer fantastic prices.

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Bringing Communities Together Limited,

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Bringing Communities Together is a trade name under BCT.
 Bringing Communities Together Ltd.
Awsome Autistics is a voluntary support group under BCT.